The 31 is a full size extended cruising boat (several have made world circumnavigations) in a compact length. Options include demountable A-frame akas or fixed wing configurations, outboard or inboard motor auxiliary power, cutter or sloop rigs.  Twin cabins, central cockpit and full standing headroom in both cabins are standard.  This is the most popular boat in the series. Expect to spend 18 – 24 man months part time for construction.
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Length overall 31'2″
Waterline length 28'1″
Beam of main hull under the wing 5'0″
Extreme beam, outside the rubrails 18'8″
Draft, hull only 1'11″
Draft, centerboard down 5'9″
Displacement, full load (in lbs.) 7,000
Displacement, dry 4,000
Payload 3,000
Sail area, main 195
Sail area, max (main and genoa) 552
Mast length from trunk 35'0″
Bridge clearance 41'0″
Engine, maximum horsepower 20
Engine, standard tankage (gallons) 25
Standard water tankage (gallons) 25
Cruising speed under power (knots) 6
Crew, min-max 1-4
Berths, min-max 2-4
Headroom 6'4″
Study Plans (2015) $20
Design Fee (2015) $800
Shipping in USA (2015) $10
Shipping International (2015) $15