The Daffy Dinghy

At just under 8', the Daffy is the smallest of the Constant Camber dinghies.

Daffy will hold 1 for sailing and 3 for rowing. At 7’ long the Daffy provides maximum capacity for minimum length.

She carries 45 sq ft of sail on an unstayed rig with a wishbone boom. With her pram bow and weighing just 50 lbs, she is cartoppable and easily carried to and from the beach by two people. The daggerboard case is forward of the center thwart leaving plenty of legroom for sailing or rowing.



The Puffin Dinghy


The Puffin dinghy weighs just 5 more lbs than the Daffy dinghy, but has enough extra space to comfortably hold two for sailing. The Puffin is just under 10′ long; this extra length makes it a better boat to row than the Daffy. It holds 1 to 3 people and is designed with a spritsail rig. Both of the top images here show Puffin dinghiesTwo people can cartop her and carry her 55 lbs up and down the beach pretty easily. She is also a remarkable smooth, fast, and comfortable rower. Not quite as big as Gull and not quite as small as Daffy, the Puffin features the best attributes of both of these designs.




The Gull Dinghy


At just under 12′, the Gull has good rowing qualities and excellent carrying capacity, holding up to 4 people. It also has a spritsail rig that stows aboard when not needed. As seen in the image in the lower left, she has two thwarts and two rowing stations.

The 11′7″ Gull dinghy weighs just 80 lbs and is a light and responsive sailing dinghy. Two people can comfortably fit aboard while she is under sail. When rowed as a tender, she'll hold 3 and their gear. Footpegs provide leverage for rowing amidships or in the bow. She trails well behind her mothership, but is also light enough to ride across the akas on longer voyages. Be forewarned though, tenders as nice as this one tend to disappear when left on the beach.  Her interior has no frames making it easy to keep clean. Count on a build time of 200 hours to build a nice looking model.



The 19′ electrically powered Gull seen below was built in Sydney, Australia with molds one-and-a-half times standard size. As you can see from these pictures, GEEHI carries 6 passengers while serving as a ferry boat in Sydney Harbour. She'll go 35 miles on one charge of the batteries.