A fast coastal cruising sloop trimaran that is a great weekender for a couple. In a pinch, there is room for two children as well.  This boat folds for highway trailering. It has a four-person daysailing capacity. This boat is a lot of fun to sail as it easily cruises at 8-10 knots, with bursts of speed to 15. The construction is particularly streamlined with the Constant Camber panels, minimizing the number of parts and simplifying assembly.
Pictures taken by John Marples.


Length Overall 25'4″
Waterline Length 23′10″
Beam Overall 18′0″
Beam of Main Hull 5′6″
Draft, Hull Only 1′5″
Draft, Board Down 4′7″
Displacement, Full Load 2800 lbs
Displacement, Dry 2000 lbs
Payload 800 lbs.
Sail Area, 100% fΔ 308 sq ft
Sail Area, Max 367 sq ft
Mast Length 30′0″
Bridge Clearance 33′5″
Engine Power 6-hp OB
Fuel Tankage 3.5 gal
Water Tankage N/A
Speed under Power 6 knots
Number of Crew 2 to 4
Berths, Min/Max 1-4
Headroom in Cabin 4′8″
Design Fee to Build One Boat $900