cc3m 001 700

The Constant Camber 3-meter is a cat-rigged solo harbor racer and trainer. Spinnaker available for downwind sailing. All of the sail controls (main sheet, vang, downhaul, and outhaul, and the spinnaker guys and sheets come to you in the cockpit. This is a Constant-Camber version of the Seaclipper 10. Aft storage compartment in the main hull.

IMAGE 1 (above): Lee Murray at the helm of MICROMOXIE. Picture by John Marples.

IMAGE 2: 3XLT built by Wayne Erickson, who is 6'6" tall and weighs 280 pounds. Big people can sail these boats too. Picture by John Marples.

IMAGE 3: The fun in racing 3-meters increases with the number of boats. Picture by John Marples.

IMAGE 4: All sail-control lines are led directly to the cockpit. Picture by John Marples.

Length Overall 10′0″
Waterline Length 10′0″
Beam Overall 8′0″
Beam of Main Hull 2′2″
Draft, Hull Only 11″
Draft, Board Down 2′6″
Displacement, Full Load 380 lbs
Displacement, Dry 150 lbs
Payload 230 lbs.
Sail Area, 100% fΔ 60 sq ft
Sail Area, Max 130 sq ft
Mast Length 17′11″
Bridge Clearance 20′
Engine Power N/A
Fuel Tankage N/A
Water Tankage N/A
Speed under Power N/A
Number of Crew 1
Berths, Min/Max N/AA
Headroom in Cabin N/A
Design Fee to Build One Boat $100